The Pressure With The Youth Vote

The Pressure With The Youth Vote
Submitted By Carolyn N. Appelbaum
Chapter Kansas City

The main reason I believe people don’t go out and vote is because of their lack of knowledge about the campaign through the advertising tactics. Politics always seem so overwhelming and in your face that often times I feel like most people would rather ignore it than soak it in and learn about it. With all of the media and advertising that is done, I feel like most of it is very ineffective and all looks the same. If the youth doesn’t know how to vote or who to even vote for, then why would they put the effort towards registering and going to vote? This I believe is the problem among young voters. I want to encourage the younger audience to learn more and go out and vote (especially if it is their first time being able to vote) because it is important, and it is something that has always been a large part of our culture. These days I feel like it is so hard for first-time voters to really understand themselves who they want to vote for and why. I want them to take action and vote, and take the time to really learn who you are voting for and what they represent. I feel like there should be a certain part of the campaign that really targets this group because there are emerging adults coming into this world and we want them to have a say.

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