Get on the Vote Boat

Get on the Vote Boat
Submitted By Kip G. Williams
Chapter Atlanta


I went with the simple idea that as Americans, we are all in this together and we do have an right or maybe even an obligation to take part in the direction of our county. The hope is, that all Americans want what’s best for this nation and the people in it. We may have different ideas about what that is or how to obtain it, but despite our differences we get together as a nation in the form of elections to chart a course. I chose to use the boat/ship reference for many reasons. The first reason was that I felt this type of ship has strong historical significance in the early years of this great nation and it’s journey to freedom. Second, it also serves well as a metaphor for a free United States of America. A well build ship, maned by a crew in the open water, trying to stay on course, afloat, and strong. As Americans we must all take part to crew this ship. All hands on deck!

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