Guns In the Wrong Hands

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Guns In the Wrong Hands
Submitted By Christine Woods
Chapter New York, Upstate

Guns, per se, aren't the problem - hundreds of millions of guns are owned by responsible Americans. Guns getting into the wrong hands of the relative minority of people who shouldn't be allowed to handle guns is the problem.

Statistics (easily found on the web) show that background checks work, have prevented the sales of guns to hundreds of thousands of those with criminal or certain psychiatric histories who attempted to purchase firearms. Currently, however, background checks do not extend to gun shows or private sales, including over the internet.

In April, 2013, under pressure from the gun manufacturers-backed NRA, Congress rejected the Manchin-Toomey bill that calls for universal background checks, despite the support of 90% of Americans!

We must continue to pressure members of Congress to support the bill.

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