Distorted Power

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Distorted Power
Submitted By Jennifer A. Rados
Chapter Washington, DC
Description Distorted Power. Funny thing is, I actually own a gun. It’s a double-barreled shotgun that I received from my grandfather after his death. It’s a keepsake, an object. It will never be loaded and used as a weapon. Just holding it is daunting. I have been offered many guns by grandparents! I’ve always turned them down, most especially the handguns. I heard on the news this morning on NPR, 2 local high school freshman were found shot in their homes yesterday. One youth died and the other is in critical condition. Sadly, this happens several times a week. Young kids being shot and killed around DC and Baltimore. Gun Violence. These weapons should not be used unless self-defense. (I may be contradicting myself, here) Getting rid of guns would be ideal, but mostly impossible with the Constitution. If possible, amend it, making it more difficult to attain and make all the weapons such as assault weapons, absolutely not available to the general public. Save those for the soldiers would be a compromise, but ideally I would love to see them all melted away. I am a pacifist, not in favor of killing any living being. Violence must stop. It perpetuates itself. This is why I chose both Ghandi and MLK to be quoted on the poster. They spoke most often and eloquently against violence. Violence is inhumane, as is war. —Jennifer Rados
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