Designer of 2015 next steps

AIGA will work with Adobe, educators and professionals to develop tools, techniques, course work and best practices to meet these trends and challenges, as well as to develop the critical competencies.

Share your feedback

We encourage all designers and educators to contribute to the debate, draw from the findings where appropriate and share their own application of the findings.

Further reading

AIGA is seeking to stimulate discussion with the design educators community of how curricula need to change. One point of view is presented here to initiate the conversation. This is a paper that was presented by Meredith Davis [PDF, 12.9 MB], the head of PhD programs in graphic design at North Carolina State University, at an AIGA Design Educators Conference in Boston, in April 2008. Professor Davis is an AIGA Medalist, former AIGA board member and is acknowledged as a leading voice on issues of design education and theory.