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AIGA’s Design+ Music is a nationwide initiative, launched with Amazon Music, to explore how design can play a role in the future of music and renew our cultural connection to the art form. Designers and musicians have always had a special bond, and an ability to influence culture. The program provides tools for our 72 chapters to curate local Design+ Music events to show how design helps enrich our connection to music and create more value for the arts. Los Angeles-based designer Lawrence Azerrad—who has worked with Wilco, Esperanza Spaulding, and Sting—serves as the chair to help AIGA activate our community of designers and music lovers.

Check in with us as Design+ Music explores the way music moves humanity, frames our cultural experience, and the ways art and design help enrich our connection to it. We’ll be adding updates here with examples, experiments, and news from our members.

Design+ is a larger AIGA content experiment, where we look to experts within our community to showcase examples of design’s role in the future of different industries. The program will ultimately create programming that our chapters can use to build new partnerships that benefit artists and the communities. Is it any surprise that we started with music?

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How we experience music is changing. How we create music is changing.

From large-scale music festivals with immersive environments, to the ongoing creation of video and motion graphics, design continues to transform music to new heights across multiple senses. Through new technologies, digital tools, and new musical interfaces, how we create music as individual artists or as part of a community is impacted by design. From video games to public spaces, from nightclubs to personal devices, music flows through our lives.

We believe designers can make an even greater impact on the music industry in the future.

What role will you play in forming this future?
How will we connect the audience to the value of music through design innovation?

Design+ is a project that originated in our LA chapter with programs from Vanessa Dewey (Design+ Coffee) and Lawrence Azerrad (Design+ Music). With the LA chapter, we are building upon their work and their appetite to show how design in specific industries can solve complex problems in vibrant new ways.

Case studies

AIGA invites you to help explore the changing soundscapes, technologies, and creative energy that surround music across the globe. This website will be a growing hub for Case Studies on innovation in the business, knowledge and stories from industry experts (past and present), news about gatherings, workshops, documentaries, journalistic profiles, and video interviews that inspire, inform, and transform the field.

Get involved

We’re currently developing a Design+ Music Toolkit—a guide to help you organize a Design+ Music-themed program in your own chapter area. From a celebration of Record Store Day to panels on industry challenges and opportunities, the toolkit will give you the ways to reach out to your creative community, sponsors, and other organization to celebrate and connect with music and design.