Design Journeys essays

“Design Journeys” is a collection of stories about the professional lives, contributions, and portfolios of designers—contemporary and historical—from traditionally under-represented groups or backgrounds.

This archive serves as an accessible body of research honoring their accomplishments and inspiring today's emerging designers. Individuals selected for “Design Journeys” are published in this online archive along with visual samples of their work and an insightful, biographical essay.

First launched in 2007, the project has been revived by the AIGA Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. The archive was most recently expanded with 10 new profiles in November 2015 and will continue to grow each year. Submit your nominations by contacting AIGA Strategic Initiatives.

Like the AIGA Diversity and Inclusion Initiative itself, the collection seeks to represent diversity comprehensively—considering race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and disability, geography, discipline, age, and other factors that may shape creative perspective and professional experience.

History of the project

"Design Journeys" was originally conceived in 2005 through an AIGA Task Force on Professional Diversity. The project aims to celebrate the stories and work of selected practitioners while also inspiring the next generation of young people from all backgrounds to consider design as a viable and rewarding career. The first installment of 25 designers (below) was selected by a "Design Journeys" board of advisors in 2007 and was featured publicly in the interactive exhibition, “Design Journeys: You Are Here,” at the the AIGA National Design Center in 2010.

About the AIGA Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Launched in 2014, this initiative aims to encourage diversity in design education, discourse, and practice to expand the future strength and relevance of design in all areas of society. Learn more and get involved, and join the conversation on Twitter with #AIGAtogether.

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