AIGA’s Design for Inclusivity Industry Summit

About the Design for Inclusivity Summit

In association with the Design + Diversity Conference in August 2018, AIGA hosted a Design for Inclusivity Summit to convene key industry leaders, equity advocates, and activists, along with AIGA’s Diversity & Inclusion task force. This working session brought community and industry together to outline how inclusivity is missing in the design industry today and to develop a holistic strategy the industry can use to move forward.

The group recognizes that inclusivity is a complex, long-term challenge. They intend to strengthen support for the people and companies who are doing inclusivity work, and want to do more of it, by creating community, forging connections, providing support, and greater access to resources.

“A lot of industries are looking at diversity and inclusion as an initiative that needs to be worked on. How do we be more intentional in terms of the outcome?” asked co-chair of the event, Albert Shum. Together, the group hopes to build a shared vision and holistic inclusivity strategy for the design industry and co-create a call to action with measurable outcomes.

Program co-chairs

Antionette Carroll portraitAntionette Carroll
Antionette is the founder of Creative Reaction Lab. She is the co-founder of the 2018 Design + Diversity Conference, founder of the AIGA Diversity & Inclusion task force, and former president of AIGA St. Louis.

Albert Shum portraitAlbert Shum
Albert is the CVP of Design, Experiences & Devices Group at Microsoft, where he directs the windows & devices group design and content teams.

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