The Curated app

A city guide app for the creative-minded traveler

Funded through AIGA Innovate in 2015, Curated is the first city-guide app developed for creative-minded travelers seeking great design and singular destinations. A prime example of AIGA innovation, each city’s directory is curated by local AIGA designers sharing the best coffee shops, retail, galleries, 
late-night venues, restaurants, architectural jewels and hidden gems. Curated: It’s art + adventure + access… and it’s free.

The Curated App was created by AIGA Colorado to connect local members with the broader community of creative thinkers in Denver. In 2013, it was developed by Matt Crest of Artletic, chapter president Helen Young, and chapter president emeritus Elysia Syriac to offer something for their UI/UX members to get excited about. Curated launched with Denver’s most creative spots found mostly in neighborhoods bordering downtown.

In 2015, AIGA Colorado was awarded the AIGA Innovate grant to update the app for iOS and Android, and expand it to accommodate multiple cities. With this funding, Curated is now available to all AIGA Chapters. In fall of 2015 through spring of 2016, the Curated team, Wigwam Creative, Elysia Syriac, and EnZed Design worked with three beta test chapter cities to redesign and redevelop Curated. The app now includes the best of Miami, Cleveland, and Boulder in addition to Denver. Just download Curated, unlock your city of choice, and start exploring.

In addition to upgrading the functionality and design, the team created support materials for chapter adoption and marketing of Curated. AIGA members can now spread the idea that good design is everywhere. Curated will show you where to look.

As of October 2016, Curated is available to all chapters, so they can share the best of their cities with travelers and locals alike. If you want to bring Curated to your city, contact the Curated team.

Four ways Curated can strengthen your AIGA chapter:

Community presence

Curated helps to build community within the chapter and the larger community. With 
a strong focus on design, it naturally promotes the value of design to users. Curated 
provides an opportunity for your chapter to promote a tangible product to a broader audience, potentially pulling in creatives from other disciplines. This App will appeal to members of SEGD, IDSA, AIA, and more, offering a pathway to attract these creatives to AIGA. Creative travelers can also tap into AIGA and find good design.

Access to mobile

Apps are everywhere but it’s difficult for chapters (formed by volunteers) to develop one because of the amount of hours and resources needed to build and maintain them. Curated is inexpensive and easy to implemented by a chapter committee within 3-6 months.

Connection to the AIGA national office

Curated connects members nationally by providing a tool with a central website that provides individual customization for each chapter. If local members do not feel a connection to the AIGA national network, Curated can help improve this.

Growing membership

The Curated App engages AIGA members as curators of their city, noting the places designers love. Curators are credited under their place descriptions, encouraging members to be more involved with their Chapter and connect with others. Involved members renew and naturally recruit other members. You can also create events around the app locations — maybe a Curated Crawl is in your future?

Thank you to Chapter beta testers Abbey Melsheimer of AIGA Miami, Sarah Spalding of AIGA Cleveland, and Amanda Lenz of AIGA Colorado in Boulder for being early adopters.

If you want to bring Curated to your city, contact the Curated team.