Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia


Recognized for its dedication to creative living by making the ideas, tools and methods of everyday design both accessible and practical.

Few companies are as qualified to use the term “Omnimedia” to describe their operations as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO). Omniscient and omnipresent also come to mind, since this broad, influential network of publishing, television and radio broadcasting, merchandising and internet ventures appears to be all-knowing and everywhere at once. By epitomizing the idea of better living through design—turning everyday tasks such as personal organization and meal planning into creative endeavors—Martha Stewart has truly become a household name.

After establishing herself as an expert in entertaining and homemaking, Stewart launched the magazine Martha Stewart Living in 1990, enlisting Gael Towey as art director. Towey, now the company's chief creative officer, and Eric Pike, creative director of publishing, have been instrumental in changing the look and attitude of domestic magazines forever, elevating the quotidian to unexpected levels. Using beautiful photography, uncluttered design, an inventive color palette and effective typographic treatment to enhance its accessible how-to content, Martha Stewart Living set the tone for the expansive MSLO empire to come.

More than 41 million readers each year turn to MSLO's respected publications—including the flagship Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, Everyday Food, Body & Soul and Blueprint. While newsstands overflow with imitators seeking to copy the Stewart formula, these shelter and women's magazines—recipients of numerous National Magazine Awards, the industry's highest honor—have not only maintained their strong connection with consumers but have also consistently increased revenues and reach.

In 2007 completed an ambitious redesign, integrating video content and offering online tools for users to share their own recipes and tips. Plans are also in the works to develop, Stewart's own version of the popular user-generated online compendium Wikipedia.

By demonstrating the ways in which “every home is a canvas”—as the company's mission statement declares—and providing a model for design excellence, MSLO achieves its goal to be more than a company. Undoubtedly, it is “a laboratory for ideas and a community celebrating the art of creative living.”