Recognized for reimagining the air-travel experience and building its revered brand from a people-centered, value-driven, design-based approach.

Corporate images from JetBlue

From top: JetBlue logo; aircraft tailfin and hanger designs; screenshot from

Just when it seemed as if all civility and charm had departed air travel, JetBlue arrived. Since launching in 2000, JetBlue Airways has embraced a corporate personality and set of brand values unique among airlines—nice, fresh, smart, stylish and witty. This distinct persona is seen in most every touch point, from its approachable website to its state-of-the-art home terminal at New York's JFK International Airport. With its optimistic “Happy Jetting” tagline and vibrant orange-and-blue color scheme, JetBlue proves that low fares can come with exceptional service and an enjoyable experience.

Engaging design and communication have been part of the company's DNA since JetBlue's emergence almost a decade ago, a testament to its stated mission: “To bring humanity back to air travel.” Iconic tailfin patterns serve as brand motifs. Check-in kiosks use friendly language (such as “howdy”) and helpful interface design. The company's approach both to its aesthetic and the customer experience is democratic, too. Every customer receives the same “first class” treatment on board, with a wide selection of live, free entertainment at every seat through 36 channels of DirecTV and more than 100 channels of XM Satellite Radio; complimentary snacks (including the official potato chip Terra Blues); and generous legroom. JetBlue was the first airline to offer in-flight email and messaging, with its “BetaBlue” aircraft. It is also the only airline to offer a Customer Bill of Rights, outlining the terms of compensation for customers inconvenienced by service disruptions within JetBlue's control. Along with those perks, the company continues to expand its destinations while offering competitive fares.

In 2010, in conjunction with its 10th anniversary, JetBlue plans to refresh a number of design elements, from modifications to the aircraft cabin and uniforms to introducing a new tailfin design. However, looks aren't everything. JetBlue aims to be socially responsible by supporting more than 75 charities per month in the cities it serves. Aware of air travel's environmental consequences, JetBlue also created “Jetting to Green,” a three-part initiative to reduce impact, encourage volunteerism and adopt best practices from environmental experts. The company already operates the most fuel-efficient fleet of any U.S. airline, and seeks safe, innovative ways to continually reduce fuel burn and greenhouse gas emissions, recycle and reduce waste.

By focusing on design and value at every level JetBlue stands out from other airlines, and through its commitment to putting people first has made the air travel experience pleasant again. Happy jetting, indeed.