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CVS Health
Project Title
CVS Health identity
April 2014–September 2014

In February 2014, CVS Caremark announced that it would become the first pharmacy to take cigarettes out of their stores. The company underscored this public statement by reintroducing themselves as CVS Health, uniting their four service brands—CVS/pharmacy, CVS/caremark, CVS/minuteclinic, and CVS/specialty. Siegel+Gale developed the identity and brand story that would become foundational to how CVS Health distinguishes its role in paving the path to improved healthcare for customers, clients, and communities.

The CVS Health Heart is a bold, sophisticated, and universal symbol that represents the company’s values: integrity, caring, collaboration, innovation, and accountability. In addition to this new logo, we created a library of icons to help simplify complex or abstract ideas across the entire inventory of CVS brand products. Directly influenced by the organization’s purpose, these images can be understood across ages, geographies, and experiences.

Project brief

The largest pharmacy provider in the U.S., CVS Caremark ranked twelfth in the Fortune 500 in 2014. Despite their robust offerings, public perception was tied to their retail pharmacy, overlooking their innovations in healthcare services. So CVS renewed their promise to help people on the path to better health by announcing that they would terminate the sale of all tobacco in their stores—a projected sacrifice of $2 billion in annual sales.

In April 2014, CVS Caremark engaged Siegel+Gale to reimagine their brand, elevate it beyond retail, and position it as a key force in shaping the future of healthcare. Siegel+Gale developed a powerful new visual and verbal identity for the CVS Health launch and embarked on a mission to distinguish CVS Health’s commitment to promoting wellness nationwide.


For more than 50 years, CVS has been devoted to the health and wellness of its customers. Using tobacco removal as the springboard, the company was ready to relaunch themselves with a revitalized look that would unite the four branches of their service for the first time. This new identity would not only give the trusted brand a fresh voice but present the opportunity to weave the CVS brand into how a person manages their health on a daily basis.


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In order for the unification of the company’s four facets to be successful, it was imperative to tell a more comprehensive story about the millions of ways the brand helps people manage their health every day. The logo would be the center of that story, but a total transformation of the brand would be necessary to communicate this shift in an authentic and compelling manner.

Siegel+Gale worked closely with CVS’s newly established enterprise brand team to develop the brand’s personality and the language for describing the role of CVS Health to investors, clients, members, and patients. We also designed a library of icons to enliven the catalog of CVS brand products with a fresh color palette. These visual and verbal assets contribute to the clear and simple communication of the company’s goals of increasing access, lowering costs, and improving the quality of care.

The decision to stop selling cigarettes was another mode of brand consistency, made in an effort to maintain the integrity of the company’s directive of promoting the path to better health. There was also the belief that restricting access to tobacco would be helpful to smokers who were trying to quit as well as have a positive overall impact on public health. With the brazen anti-smoking stance at the core of the company’s rebranding efforts, an integrated marketing campaign—Let’s Quit Together—was developed to unite customers in their endeavors to stop smoking. CVS patients have access to materials related to smoking cessation, face-to-face clinical expertise, and connections to other local services within their communities.


Our research was largely centered on health plans and logo validation.

Design solution

Inspired by CVS Health’s newly defined personality—“Leading with Heart”—we designed a new logo called the CVS Health Heart. The brand story and architecture is backed by Siegel+Gale’s expert guidance to ensure that a credible, confident, and caring tone is expressed consistently.

The CVS Health Heart was created to be a flexible graphic element, sometimes acting as a pointer or bracket to emphasize important information. Its core geometry was created using teardrop shapes that were prevalent in the pre-existing design system. The new color palette for the library of icons was appropriate for and representative of various health and life stages and business situations. By serving as the cornerstone of an enterprise that touches millions of lives across the country every day, the CVS Health Heart stands as a bold new symbol for the changing face of healthcare.


The major challenge presented to us was creating a method of broadening public focus beyond CVS’s pharmacy services and helping re-establish their persona as a company who innovates healthcare and is reinventing pharmacy.


CVS’s rebranding and bold anti-smoking stance earned them praise from health advocates, and led to a rise in their stocks as well as increased sales—in spite of the loss of revenue from tobacco sales. CVS Health enjoyed a 5.5 percent year-over-year bump in same-store sales and a 22 percent increase in pharmacy services revenue. In 2015, CVS Health moved from 12th to 10th in their Fortune 500 ranking.

Additional information

Our video explaining the transformation, Youtube video

Comments from the Jury

“Given the magnitude of the decisions that CVS had to come to terms with to embrace a change in philosophy, I felt this solution successfully embodied that seismic shift with strength and grace.”—Sara Frisk

“In the world of massive corporate branding at a global scale it is nice to see something that has not been totally muddled by committee. CVSHealth is a good example of keeping it simple and tasteful when the design firm can’t steer the client into groundbreaking work—work that sometimes doesn’t make sense. A perfect balance between the expected corporate bore with a little bit of “heart” and whimsy.”—Bryony Gomez-Palacio

“A clean, energetic, and versatile system. It’s impressive that such a large company bought into the overall approach and execution.”—Alia Hassan