Arts & Culture Experience

Arts & Culture Experience (ACE) was a finalist for the 2013 Design Ignites Change | AIGA Professional Fellowship

Location: Green River, Utah  

About the project
The nearest formal art programs are over 50 miles from Green River, Utah. The distance to these programs and regional poverty prevents many residents from participating in an art program. In 2011, only 3 out of 25 graduating seniors went on into higher education. Green River youth primarily only experience retail and hospitality jobs.

The ACE program focuses on mentoring local teens through one-on-one arts internships, teaching art lessons at the High School and in the after school programs, holding all-ages arts workshops and events and hosting professional artists (called Frontier Fellows) who mentor youth and lead community art and design projects. 

Next steps
To accentuate Green River's rural pride and pioneering spirit, Rural and Proud—the organization that produces and facilitates the ACE program—provides housing, business resources and promotes the arts. A passionate, multidisciplinary team of young professionals engage, collaborate with and learn from the local community. Through the ACE program, Rural and Proud promotes the arts and design through internships, workshops and community-based collaborative projects.

Learn more about the ACE program and contact Maria Sykes, program representative from Rural and Proud, by email or by phone at 435 564 3300 to lend your support!