Design for Good Webcast Series: Episode Two
Design for Good Webcast Series: Episode Two
Design for Good Webcast Series: Episode Two

Face your Gender Bias

Our second episode of the Design for Good webcast series, “Face your gender bias,” took place on January 19, 2017.

About this episode

“The toolkit increases your awareness and makes you think of your bias in ways you haven’t. By elevating those subconscious feelings you can actually tackle them and face them head-on.”

— Deb Adler, AIGA Women Lead co-chair

During this episode, we played the newly launched Gender Equity Toolkit live with AIGA Women Lead co-chair Deb Adler and AIGA associate director of chapter development Corey Strausman, followed by a conversation with Roselynn Newton, senior design manager at IBM. Watch the video to learn how you can use the toolkit to engage employees and empower yourself—whether you work at a small design studio or at a large corporation like IBM.

About the panel

Live game-play of the Gender Equity Toolkit was followed by a Q & A with a panel of special guests, including:

  • Deborah Adler, co-chair of AIGA Women Lead committee, and creative director at Adler Design
  • Lynda Decker co-founder of the Women Lead initiative and principal at Decker Design
  • Rose Newton, Senior design manager at IBM
  • Corey Strausman, AIGA chapter development associate director


  • About the art of negotiation and how to implement action:
    • “A ‘no’ is an action too. If you’re turned down, that is an answer. What to consider next is what matters: constantly leave options open,” recommended Lynda Decker. (Watch Deb Adler play the Gender Equity Toolkit in the video above for answers to many of these “what ifs.")
  • About developing one’s confidence as a woman, often in majority male executive workplaces:
    • “Building confidence will come if you are embraced by an older person, a mentor who brings you into meetings where you wouldn’t have expected to be,” said Rose Newton.
  • About understanding the power of this toolkit:
    • ”The purpose of the role playing game is to plan and practice and get all the generic, stereotypical stuff out of your system, so that you can really craft a good approach,” added Deb Adler.

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The Design for Good webcast series is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional funding provided by IBM.

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