Election Design Fellows
Election Design Fellows
Election Design Fellows

Election Design Fellows are communication designers who assist states in the design of election materials, such as ballots, voter registration forms and educational websites. Fellows help to improve election accuracy and citizen experience, with respect to each state's local laws and election equipment, by implementing the election reforms mandated by the Federal Election Commission's Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) and the ballot and polling place design guidelines suggested by AIGA Design for Democracy and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

Design for Democracy partners with Secretaries of State and election officials to recruit, select and support well-qualified designers for termed, open positions. The program was initiated in Oregon in 2006 under the leadership of John Lindback, the state's chief election official and a Design for Democracy advisor, and in 2008 was introduced in the state of Washington, under election director Nick Handy.

Want to become an Election Design Fellow?

AIGA is currently recruiting for an Election Design Fellow in Olympia, Washington. Details of the position are available by downloading a PDF of the 2013 position description; applications are due June 20, 2013.

Want to hire an Election Design Fellow?

Please contact Design for Democracy.

Past fellows

Sarah Higgins served as Washington State’s Election Design Fellow from 2011–2013, under contract to the office of the Washington Secretary of State. She assisted the state in the creation of bilingual ballots and voter information materials to help counties keep diversely growing populations informed. She worked with print vendors on continued efforts in ballot design reform, and with state employees on the visual redesign of an online voter registration tool.

Jessi Long served as Oregon’s Election Design Fellow from 2010–2011, under contract to the office the Oregon Secretary of State. She worked to help the state move beyond the election design reforms developed during the tenure of previous Fellows to increase registration and voter participation, including the redesign of election-related websites.

Jenny Greeve served as Washington State’s first Election Design Fellow from 2010–2011 under contract to the office of the Washington Secretary of State, Sam Reed. She worked to redesign the state voter registration form and educate local officials about design resources, such as Design for Democracy’s top 10 election design guidelines.

Sarrah Elizondo served as Oregon’s third Election Design Fellow from 2009–2010 by continuing her predecessor’s ballot design reform efforts and helping the state in its commitment to bringing election materials online. An award-winning designer, Elizondo brought to the position her experience in print gained at a California design firm, as well as her experience with interactive tools gained at Intuit and a bachelor’s degree in art and design from California Polytechnic State University.

Amy Vainieri served as Oregon’s second Election Design Fellow in 2008-2009, significantly advancing ballot design reform efforts and updating election manuals. She brought design firm experience, an MFA in graphic design from the Savannah College of Art and Design and her thesis work–exploring presidential candidates’ visual branding and alternatives for neutral communication of candidate positions to voters–to the role.

Matthew Goodrich served as Oregon’s first Election Design Fellow from 2007–2008.

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