The impact of inclusion

We want to end “the only”—“only black, only woman, only latino...” in design.

The 2016 AIGA Design Conference featured a record number of diverse speakers—and is committed to continuing being inclusive of various voices and perspectives for its next edition, this year in Minneapolis. In Las Vegas, the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) task force organized a series of sold-out events aiming to advance and broaden conversations about inclusion, asking, “What is the impact of inclusion?”

About the panel

The first panel, moderated by Antionette Carroll, AIGA Saint Louis chapter president and D&I task force chair emerita, featured Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall, dean of the faculty of Design, OCAD, Toronto, Reza Ali, creative coder and programmer, and John Maeda, global head, computational design and inclusion at Automattic. These guest speakers helped identify continual needs and opportunities within the design industry, and more specifically in startups, where inclusion is a new criteria for successful outcomes. Their insights, experience and unique perspectives were truly enlightening.

  • "Creativity and inclusion are two sides of the same coin." —John Maeda
  • “The proverbial ‘pie’ is not limited”; diversity and inclusion means the pie grows "and we all get fed." —Dori Dunstall
  • “As designers when we see something not visually balanced it just hurts a little” —@rezaali (Reza Ali) #AIGAdesignconf #digitalcraft

On day two, the D&I task force presented its community impact report and connected with AIGA members who have already started to implement inclusive design programming at their local chapters or were seeking inspiration for how to do so. Introduced by Jacinda Walker, chair of the task force, the presentation provided both the vision and tactical approaches to further advance inclusion throughout AIGA and the profession at large. She also shared the recent achievements and future ambitions of the taskforce members. The event concluded with a request for suggestions and partnerships.

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