Diversity & Inclusion annual impact reports

How are we making a difference?

The AIGA Diversity & Inclusion taskforce compiles its annual impact report—a summary of its key milestones and learnings from the past year. This report is a testimony to the engagement of the task force and its influence in shaping the conversation around these issues across AIGA chapters and beyond. So, how has AIGA Diversity & Inclusion made a difference throughout AIGA, including operations, marketing, and community outreach and partnerships? Find the answer to this question and more by reviewing the impact reports below (and they'll keep coming in the future).

Past impact reports


Impact of inclusion symposia 2017In 2017, AIGA Diversity & Inclusion expanded its impact with new educational programming, including a webcast series, videos, and an all-new chapter guidebook. But that's just the beginning.

View the 2017 Diversity & Inclusion impact report.



impact of inclusion workshop 20162016 saw the advent of Diversity & Inclusion subcommittees, the creation of a dedicated staff position at the AIGA national office, and the award of a grant for the National Endowment for the Arts—all leading to greater presence and visibility.

View the 2016 Diversity & Inclusion impact report.



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