Chris Pullman

2002 AIGA Medal
1941, Chicago, Illinois

Since 1973, Chris Pullman has served as Vice President of Design for WGBH, a major supplier of programs and web content for PBS. He and his staff are responsible for the visual personality of WGBH, as expressed through its on-air titles, credits and animation, classroom materials and interactive media.

Viewers of PBS will recognize Pullman's work in the opening title sequences of Masterpiece Theatre and Antiques Roadshow and in the WGBH animated on-air signature, which is used at the end of every program produced by the public broadcaster.

After receiving his BA in History from Princeton University in 1963, Pullman enrolled in a three-year graduate program in graphic design at Yale. He earned his MFA in 1966 and the same year began teaching in the graduate and undergraduate programs at Yale, an affiliation he still maintains regularly as Senior Critic.