Paula Savage Hansen



Paula Savage Hansen is CEO of Savage, the branding and corporate design firm in Houston, Texas, that she founded in 1973. For more than three decades, she has promoted design as a strategic business asset. Today, Savage’s branding and corporate design expertise has been widely noted, attracting Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits and international corporations as clients.

Hansen began her career at Baxter + Korge and Design Southwest, following her education at the University of Texas, where she graduated cum laude in graphic design. From the beginning, she approached the business of design with an entrepreneurial spirit, having led the profession through two sea changes. The first was the move to paginate typography, which led to digital page layout and production. The second was the emergence of multimedia and the Web. Ahead of the curve, she started several firms that elevated design communications through technology.

Having served on the boards of several professional organizations and as a past AIGA Texas board member and president, Hansen has been instrumental in establishing a strong reputation for design excellence and mentoring the next generation of design leadership. For instance, Savage provides its employees funding for advanced degrees, training and attending conferences. In addition, the staff is encouraged to further their communications and business knowledge by seeking leadership opportunities in professional organizations, as well as teaching and volunteering in the community.

Savage has won numerous awards in design communications and has been featured in the profession’s most respected books and publications.