Jim Watson



Jim Watson has sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon under a full moon, at the top of a Mayan pyramid during a power blackout and on the side of an Egyptian pyramid. He once met Lyndon Johnson in a bathroom and he owns Ringo Starr’s autograph. Watson coined the word “neurobics” and has invented a flag-waving hat, a dog-leash belt, backgammon-in-the-round, TravelPants and several pieces of furniture.

Watson also helped organize the AIGA Oklahoma chapter and served on its board for six years. He has 27 years experience teaching design and creative problem-solving at four universities: Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, University of Central Oklahoma and UPAEP in Puebla, Mexico.

According to Watson, he is a minimalist. He loves to travel. Bryce Canyon in Utah is his favorite natural site, Walt Disney World his favorite man-made one. He likes to drink coffee. He likes to write. He likes to invent. He thinks teachers and medical support staff don’t get paid enough. He doesn’t like telemarketing spiels or laugh tracks on sitcoms. He is a dog lover. He likes dining with friends. He loves New York City. He also loves sudoku and crossword puzzles and solving mind games. He is fascinated by word origins, likes to read the newspaper, loves to teach and to push minds. Most of all, he thinks life is a hoot.