Everyday Design: Great Finds from Around the World

June 12–August 15, 2008

Displaying images of everyday use from diverse cultures in more than 18 countries, this exhibition encourages visitors to make their own comparisons and be inspired by materials not traditionally considered “designed” objects. From the wood screenprinting blocks used to make sari patterns in India to the cartoon-like graphics on Japanese stationery, there are many beautifully designed and highly functional items that may inform and inspire other kinds of design.

As technological advances bring the global community closer, others remain isolated. “Everyday Design” seeks to initiate communication among designers internationally and open up an exchange of ideas between cultures, to create greater exposure for designers and a better understanding of graphic design as it is applied around the world.

Curated by the AIGA Center for Cross-cultural Design

The exhibition was on display at the AIGA National Design Center.