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Free on-demand webinars from Adobe and AIGA

Developed jointly by Adobe and AIGA, this series explores the ways that today’s studios are creating innovative, multi-platform experiences as well as the tools they are using to achieve them. These webinars pair visionary designers with Adobe experts that will help lead you to your next design breakthrough.

Recorded sessions


karlssonwilker and Adobe Muse
Featuring Hjalti Karlsson and Sandra Shizuka of karlssonwilker and Adobe expert Dani Beaumont
Recorded on January 23, 2013

Join Hjalti Karlsson and Sandra Shizuka of award-winning design studio karlssonwilker as they share their experience working with new web design software, Adobe Muse, to create a website for their ninth annual World Graphic Design Foosball Championship event in New York. And be sure to stick around for a demonstration by Adobe expert Dani Beaumont as she utilizes Adobe Muse to create HTML websites without writing code.
Moving Screens: Video for Mobile Devices
Featuring Superfad’s Will Hyde and Adobe expert Rufus Deuchler
Recorded on November 28 , 2012

Thanks to improved internet bandwidth and the power of mobile devices, it’s now commonplace for people to watch video on these devices. As designers get more involved in creating websites, apps and digital publications, they have more opportunities to incorporate video into their work. In this webinar, hear about the basics of video editing and motion design, exploring cinematography, camera language, type in motion, story arc, lighting, sound and the balance between capturing and editing.
Responsive Typography for the Mobile Web
Featuring Tim Brown, a designer, writer, speaker and toolmaker with a focus on typography
Recorded on October 24, 2012

Designers love type. And most are meticulous about setting type for their print projects to ensure the best reading experience possible. Now with more and more people reading magazines, books and news on digital devices, how can designers apply tried and true traditional type rules to the mobile space? In this webinar, we’ll look at how we can optimize typography for smaller screen real estate, exploring how good typographic principles such as line-height, line-length, contrast, scannability, white space, and hierarchy can improve the mobile reading experience.
Emotional Design: designing interactions that make people smile
Featuring Celeste M. Combs, principal of The Experience Group, and Adobe expert Erik Natzke
Recorded on September 19, 2012

Emotional design is an essential component to digital products and brands, and can positively influence our interactions with devices and services. With traditional media, there is no interaction, no meaningful exchange between the content and the user. But with digital products, there is a conversation. We talk to our products and our products talk back. In this webinar Celeste M. Combs, principal of The Experience Group, and Adobe expert Erik Natzke share best practices of emotional design and how you can apply them to enhance the user experience.
Wireframing + Prototyping: Pencil to Paper to Screen
Featuring JD Graffam, owner of Simple Focus, and Adobe principal designer Remon Tijssen
Recorded on July 18, 2012

Once you’ve researched your users and have a well-developed idea of what they'll want to do with your mobile application or site, it’s critical for designers to lay the right design foundation. This means exploring information architecture and interaction design through wireframes and prototyping.
Design Research: Getting to Know Your Users
Featuring Shiloh Barnat (Lokion Interactive) and Sharma Hendel (Adobe)
Recorded on June 20, 2012

Successful screen-based experiences ensure that a user’s experience is relevant; relevant in terms of time, place and behavior. But how do designers determine what is relevant? How can they discover what their users want and need? Enter design research.
Typography for the Web
Featuring Tim Brown (Adobe Typekit)
Recorded on December 7, 2011

Until recently, typography for the web was limited to a handful of overused screen-display fonts, but new font services are giving web designers the freedom to choose their typefaces and control their appearance without sacrificing web standards. In this webinar, moderator Callie Neylan will lead a discussion with Tim Brown, type manager for Typekit, about this “golden age” for web typography and how emerging technologies are improving web design.
Designing with the Power of Data
Featuring Angela Shen-Hsieh ( and Jared Waxman (Adobe)
Recorded on October 26, 2011

We live in the information age, where we are continually inundated with increasing amounts of data. Data, however, is almost unintelligible in its raw form. Combined with principles of visual communication design, data can come alive. Well-presented data has the ability to speak to us, inform us and change our behavior. Data visualization requires tools of visual language and literacy, which designers have in abundance. In this webinar, we’ll learn how designers are making the invisible visible, and how pairing data and design can help businesses be more effective.
Reinventing the Magazine Experience for the Digital Era
Featuring Lindsay Powell (National Geographic) and Colin Fleming (Adobe)
Recorded on September 21, 2011

There’s clearly a design revolution afoot. Publications are taking a hard look at how they can stay relevant today with information consumed via multiple formats: magazines, books, tablets, smartphones, e-books. Print isn’t dead, but it is changing dramatically. And the argument now isn’t so much about where content should live; it’s that content should live everywhere. This session will give real proof points of how digital technologies can be used to extend the reach and relevance of traditional print publications.
Devices Everywhere: Smartphones and Tablets and Consoles (Oh, My!)
Featuring Michael Surtees (Gesture Theory) and Ethan Eismann (Adobe)
Recorded on June 22, 2011

Mobile phones and tablet devices are fast becoming our primary way of accessing information. Understanding the trends around these devices—who’s buying them and what are they being used for—is important for ensuring you design the right experience for your client.

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