Emily Ruth Cohen | It's Our Fault!

We’ve become an industry of blamers. We blame our clients for thrusting on us untenable and unfair contractual terms, for art directing us and for not having a clear decision-making process. We blame our clients when they don’t meet deadlines, or when they request ever increasing and unreasonably short timelines. And, we blame our clients for not respecting our values and demanding lower and lower fees. I believe most of this is within our control and that we need to move beyond the blame game and take more accountability for the decisions we make, how we respond to each situation, and the overall current state of our business practices and the industry overall. This short talk is meant to be a rallying cry for us to start understanding that how we work with one client reflects on our entire industry and will highlight some of the more damaging practices. If we don’t start pushing back more often then our continued inaction will eventually lead to long-term and negative impact on the value and, potentially, the sustainability of our industry overall. We must choose to control our own actions and shift our focus inward, as individuals, as creative businesses and as an industry overall. This talk will highlight key strategies for rethinking how we engage with, and even train and educate, our clients.