Crystal Martin | There's Enough to Go Around, Fam!

Psychologists refer to the “Scarcity Mindset” as a belief that there is only a finite amount of resources which encourages the behavior that anything you have you must hold on to it. Though the scarcity mindset is often used to describe economic and sociological behaviors, this talk will look at the scarcity mindset through the lens game theory. This will be a time to reflect on how we may ascribe to the belief that there isn’t enough to go around and examine how we may exhibit these behaviors, so that we can develop ways to create more abundance in ourselves and our community.

Crystal is a software Consultant at Slalom, a co-organizer of the Strange Loop Conference, and diversity in tech & business advocate.

As a Detroit Public Schools graduate, Crystal is passionate about equal access to education at all levels. She started her career in teaching in St. Louis, MO as a 2010 Teach For America Corps Member and taught middle school math in St. Louis Public Schools for four years. After her time in the classroom, she wanted to explore a career that would allow her to bring together her love for creativity, science, and community — technology was just that!