Matt George | Reclaiming Craft

Reclaiming Craft

Filmed on October 19, 2016 at the 2016 AIGA Design Conference

About this video

Designers have the power to bring art into the everyday and beauty into the mundane. While technology is a power tool for creation, it can sometimes commoditize design, removing the soul, the spirit, and the imperfection. Matt George shares his thoughts on the power of craft and its potential to reconnect design with humanity.

Speaker bio

Matt George is a country boy from Greenville, Texas currently serving as creative director at Tractorbeam. He enjoys calligraphy, Copenhagen, and collar stays. He earned his stripes at VSA Partners in Chicago, working with Fortune 500 companies before returning to his Texas roots in Dallas. During the past decade, he has cultivated and mentored young talent from across the country, often finding his designers poached by companies such as Nike, Google, and Amazon. He isn’t that mad about it.

At Tractorbeam, George guides strategic and creative vision and is passionate about collaboration with fine artists and craftsmen. He prefers working with the (initially) unwilling and/or semi-retired, because that means no one else is doing it. He also just bought his first truck.