Cedric Kiefer | Searching for New Forms of Expression

Searching for New Forms of Expression

Filmed on October 18, 2016 at the 2016 AIGA Design Conference

About this video

The thresholds of art, design, and technology make way for vast experimental possibilities. Blurring the lines between these mediums creates a challenging perspective to examine the relationship between humans and technology. Following a versatile approach to the creative process, onformative shares their philosophy and credo through the collaborative and interdisciplinary practice of the studio.

Speaker bio

Cedric Kiefer is an artist and designer from Berlin. In 2010, he and Julia Laub founded onformative, a Berlin-based studio specializing in digital art and design. As creative lead, Kiefer develops and directs projects to define the creative vision of the studio.

Constantly searching for new forms of creative expression, onformative draws inspiration from observing their surroundings. This incites exploration of the possibilities that lie between analog and digital fields to examine the relationship of humans and technology. They develop innovative projects across media, ranging from interactive installations and generative design, to dynamic visuals and data-driven narratives. Through an interdisciplinary and collaborative practice, the visual language of onformative is variable. Their works have been exhibited internationally at galleries such as the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal and the China Museum of Digital Arts, and at festivals across Europe including Ars Electronica.