Design leaders remain optimistic about the design economy

NEW YORK—August 14, 2013. AIGA’s Design Leaders Confidence Index was virtually unchanged for the second quarter of 2013, at 100.02 compared to the previous quarter’s 101.62. At the same time, it appears that there is solid confidence that conditions in both the general economy and the design economy are not worsening—they are remaining the same or improving slightly.

This would be consistent with economists’ observations of a slow but steady recovery.

Only 7.2 percent of respondents believe the economy as a whole has worsened in the past six months, and even fewer (5.0 percent) consider that the design economy was worse in June than it had been in January. Nearly half (48.5 percent) believe the design economy has improved over the past six months.

Looking ahead, three out of five respondents (59.9 percent) believe the national economy will improve moderately or substantially over the next six months, unchanged from three months ago; nearly as many (54.5 percent) expect the same growth for design. Only 4.4 percent thought the demand for design would weaken; the balance expect no change.

In terms of hiring and growth, virtually all leaders believe that the likelihood of hiring additional staff and purchasing new equipment is the same or greater today than it was three months ago, both at approximately 90 percent of respondents.

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