Membership FAQ

Joining AIGA

How do I select the right member level?

Our current membership structure has built-in suggestions for which membership level might be the best fit for you based on how many years you’ve been working as a designer and where you are in your career. Be sure to compare benefits and opportunities at each membership level to determine which option suits your needs.

We encourage you to first consider membership in AIGA. When you become a member, your dues help support AIGA's operations and initiatives including: Design for Democracy, Women Lead, Diversity & Inclusion, the AIGA Legacy Fund, the AIGA Design Archives, and more. Please also be aware that memberships are nonrefundable, charitable contributions.

Which chapter do I choose? I thought I was just a member of the national organization. 
All members are a part of AIGA’s national organization, and are also affiliated with one of the 75 local chapters across the nation. When you become a member and select a chapter, a portion of your dues goes to funding your chapter’s programming and initiatives—local networking events, workshops, Design Weeks, conferences, and more. When creating your profile on you can choose your chapter, or update it any time, from the “My Account” page. If you need help finding a chapter near you, check out this interactive map or email chapters [at]

When I join AIGA, how long will it take for me to receive my membership materials?

Members will receive a welcome email with information about their account, national benefits, and programming soon after they join or renew. 

Access Your Account

I can’t remember my password; how can I reset it and log in?
Click here to reset your password and an automated email will be sent to you shortly. If you haven’t received one, please email membership [at]

I have an existing AIGA account, but the email address listed is old/no longer active. How do I proceed?
Please send an email to membership [at] to have your email address updated.

Membership Benefits

What member benefits does AIGA offer?
Membership with AIGA has many benefits including connection to the largest design community in the US, full access to Design Jobs, discounts on events, professional development offerings, services, and products; industry news and trends, health insurance assistance, and more! Click here to view the full list of benefits AIGA members receive. Additionally, AIGA chapters often provide additional member benefits specific to their creative community. Inquire with your local chapter for more information.

I have an AIGA account. Why can’t I get into member pages or Design Jobs?
There are two types of AIGA accounts: a free account for nonmembers, and a paid account for current members. If you haven’t paid membership dues recently, it probably means you need to join or renew—check your status or join today! Have a question? Email membership [at]

How can I post to Design Jobs?
Posting to Design Jobs is available to members and nonmembers, but current AIGA members at the Sustaining level and above receive a significant discount when posting a job. Other questions about Design Jobs? Check out the Design Jobs support page.

I am currently an AIGA member. How can I take advantage of AIGA's health insurance assistance?
In partnership with Association Health Programs (AHP), AIGA offers assistance with health insurance enrollment. AHP is the industry leader for providing health insurance solutions to association members by designing and recommending products tailored to each member’s needs. With 30 years of experience, AHP brings product knowledge and rate stability to AIGA members.

Does AHP offer discounts on plans?
While AHP is able to offer some product discounts to eligible members, this varies based on a number of components including state and plan type. To learn if the plans you are interested in are available at a discounted rate, AIGA members can call an AHP representative today at 888-450-3040

As a nonmember, how can I get more information on the available health insurance plans?
Please be aware that AHP will not be able to provide information about available health insurance options to non-members. The benefit AHP offers our members is assistance in looking for plans, costs, and options based on certain criteria. This means the information (plans, cost, etc) cannot be shared with those who aren't members of our association.

Learn more about this benefit here, or contact AHP directly

Manage Your Profile

I recently changed my email address. How do I make sure you have my updated contact information? 
Please send an email to membership [at] to have your email address updated.

If I’m a member in one chapter, but relocate, can my membership be transferred to the chapter in the city I move to?
Yes. You can update your chapter affiliation within “My Account” on To find your nearest local chapter, view this interactive map.

I am a student; how do I make sure to get news and discounts especially for students?
Your student status is captured as an attribute within your member profile, so you can join or renew at any membership level. When you select the “student” attribute under “career stage”, we’ll ask you for the name of your school, expected graduation date, and major. Be sure to keep this information up to date, as it is critical for providing you the most relevant news and opportunities.

I am an educator, how do I make sure to get news and discounts especially for educators?
Your educator status is captured as an attribute within your member profile. You can join or renew at any membership level and select the “educator” attribute under “job type”. Be sure to keep this information up to date, as it is critical for providing you the most relevant news and opportunities.

How can I see a list of AIGA members in my community? Are members’ profiles searchable within the online directory?
AIGA's online Designer Directory allows a search by first name, last name, company, city, or state. In addition, you can view members’ portfolios at

Who is listed in the Designer Directory and what info is included? Is listing optional? 
The Designer Directory is a public listing of all active AIGA members. The minimum information included in your public profile is your name and email address. However, when you log in to and click "Public profile" you may fill out the optional fields as extensively as you wish.

How can I be sure to get the latest information on national AIGA events and opportunities, as well as my local chapter news? 
Be sure to update your preferences in your account at Log in and go to Email Subscriptions to select options that are of interest to you.

Membership Payment

Is there an option to pay my annual membership in monthly installments?
Yes, there is an option to pay monthly for members at the Supporter level and above. This option will be available to you as you proceed through checkout.

I pay my dues monthly; can I cancel my membership?
AIGA is a nonprofit organization and your dues are considered a charitable contribution. While we can accommodate a membership cancellation, we cannot provide a refund of your membership dues, and you will still have to pay for the full year regardless of whether you are on the monthly payment plan or not.

I’m trying to renew my membership, why don’t I see the option to pay in monthly installments?
The option of monthly payments is designed to make AIGA membership more accessible; it represents a commitment to a full year's membership, i.e., 12 payments over the course of a year. If all payments are not made (e.g., if a credit card expires and is not updated), your membership will be suspended and the option to select monthly payments will no longer be available.

Membership Upgrade

How can I upgrade my membership level?
Yes, you can upgrade your membership at any time during your membership cycle by emailing membership [at] 

How can I downgrade my membership level?
Dues that have already been received are non-refundable. However, you are welcome to downgrade your membership at the time of renewal. Email membership [at] to set up your new renewal level.

Group Memberships

I’m interested in starting a group membership for my design team. What’s my first step?
For detailed instructions on how to enroll, please visit the about memberships page. You will need to provide the company name, full address, number of members, and the name and email for a group manager.

What’s the minimum investment for a group membership?
Group memberships begin at $675 annually for a minimum of three members. From there, the price increases to a new tiered system:

3 members = $675
4-8 members = $1,000
9-15 members = $1,500
16-25 members = $2,500
26-35 members = $3,000
36-45 members = $3,500
46-60 members = $4,500

I’ve just hired a new designer, how can I add them to my group?
Contact the AIGA membership team at 212 710 3138 or groups [at] to add a new member to your group. Your group manager can also do this online at by logging in to their account.

Gift Memberships

How do I purchase a gift membership?
To purchase a gift membership please complete this form or email membership [at] The AIGA membership team will work with you to record the recipient’s contact information (full name, email address, and mailing address) and process your payment. A receipt will be emailed to you for your records.

International Membership

I would like to join as an international member. Do you have chapters in other countries?
AIGA has members located around the world, but no active international chapters. When registering, you can choose ‘international’ from the chapter field of your account.

Can AIGA help me with my visa request to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, documenting that graphic design is a “specialty occupation” and needs a bachelor's degree?
As a peer group, AIGA offers advisory opinion letters in support of O-1 and H-1B petitions to members at the Sustaining level, with their membership dues paid in full. Required materials can be emailed to membership [at]

The cost for this service is $200 payable by credit card, wire transfer, or check. Members typically receive their letters within three to five business days, once all of the materials are received. If you aren’t an AIGA member or you need to upgrade your membership, please visit or email membership [at]


Still have questions?
Contact our membership team at 212 807 1990 or send us an email.