Incase and AIGA Los Angeles partner to empower the next generation of creatives
By AIGA July 13, 2017
Incase and AIGA Los Angeles partner to empower the next generation of creatives
By AIGA July 13, 2017
Incase and AIGA Los Angeles partner to empower the next generation of creatives
By AIGA July 13, 2017

LOS ANGELES—July 13, 2018. Incase, design-driven bag and accessory brand for today’s creatives, and the Los Angeles chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design, announced a partnership to empower the next generation of creatives by supporting their productivity and creativity through exclusive experiences, resources, and benefits to the Los Angeles creative community.

Incase lives at the intersection of technology and lifestyle, delivering solutions tailored to meet the demands of today’s creatives. Over the next year, Incase is strengthening its relationship with AIGA LA’s creative communities by building meaningful, engaging experiences with widely-recognized creatives and professionals to cultivate inspiring ideas and insight across the association’s diverse network.

As part of the collaboration, the AIGA LA chapter is partnering with Incase to cultivate and further CaseStudies™, a new platform where industry leaders converge to empower the next generation of designers, photographers, and innovators of all mediums. Hosted at Helms Design Center and the upcoming Incase flagship store in downtown Los Angeles, each  CaseStudies™ event includes interactive, experiential speaking engagements that catalyze creativity and keep the community inspired. Through the partnership, the Los Angeles chapter of AIGA is co-hosting three CaseStudies™ events, offering their members exclusive access to connect and engage with a greater network of peers, experts, and industry leaders.

“By partnering with Incase, our chapter acknowledges the continued need to recognize intersections between technology, creativity, and design,” says Amanda Hovest, president of AIGA Los Angeles. “In 2018, AIGA Los Angeles is celebrating our 35th anniversary as a chapter. We’re working to respect the rich history and legacy of Southern California design while maintaining relevance within a rapidly changing design culture. We are thrilled by the opportunities this partnership offers to inspire and support the creative community.”

“Supporting creatives has been a pillar of Incase since day one and CaseStudies™ is the progression of that ideal for us,” says Mike Quinones, Global Creative Director, Incase. “We’re excited to curate this live event platform in partnership with AIGA LA that connects inspirational leaders with the aspirational next generation. Our goal is to create moments, small or large, that will spark the big ideas that lead to dynamic and disruptive solutions in a creative way.”

Through 2018 and early 2019, Incase will continue to support new and current AIGA LA members with exclusive access to product discounts and promotions. Incase will also offer career opportunities to Los Angeles chapter members as available through the AIGA LA Job Board. In addition to CaseStudies™, the partnership is focused on developing regional programs such as the AIGA LA Design + Music Event 2018, and is actively exploring partnership opportunities with AIGA’s national AIGA programs. For more information about the Incase and AIGA LA partnership, please visit:

About Incase

Founded in 1997, Incase is a brand driven by design.

We design solutions centered on protection and mobility to meet the evolving demands of today's creatives. Our heritage is deeply rooted in the lifestyles of those who create on the Apple platform, and through this dedication, we are able to focus on our consumers' evolving needs and continually expand our product offering while promoting creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Informed by the principles of good design, the ecosystem of bags and accessories we curate transcend both age and demographics to provide the widest audience with the best possible experiences while in pursuit of their passions. Our team employs exacting design protocols to ensure each Incase product meets the needs of our consumers, new emerging markets, and an ever-expanding world of Apple product experiences. The brand, our team, and the products we create thrive at the intersection of technology and lifestyle while innovation through collaboration lives at the core of our design process.

Incase. Providing a better experience through good design.

About AIGA Los Angeles

AIGA Los Angeles believes design’s impact on society is amplified by a well-connected design community. Our board works to cultivate an ecosystem that will empower, inspire wonder, and improve the overall well-being of our design community. We seek to be an inclusive diverse space for dialogue, growth, and connections. Learn more at

About AIGA

AIGA, the professional association for design, advances design as a professional craft, strategic advantage and vital cultural force. As the largest and most influential community of design advocates, AIGA brings together practitioners, enthusiasts, and patrons to amplify the voice of design and creates the vision for a collective future. AIGA defines global standards and ethical practices, guides design education, inspires designers and the public, enhances professional development, and makes powerful tools and resources accessible to all. Learn more at

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