AIGA Innovate selection committee

Thank you to those who nominated themselves or their peers for the 2017 AIGA Innovate committee. We appreciate that you offered your time and interest in this important initiative.

About the AIGA Innovate selection committee

AIGA Innovate is a grant program developed to make AIGA the best—and most innovative—organization it can be. The program funds game-changing projects at AIGA chapters across the country that improve the member experience, impact the wider community, are scalable to other chapters, and are sustainable after the initial grant period. The AIGA Innovate selection committee will evaluate members’ and chapters’ applications, and select projects, programming, and initiatives for funding.

The selection committee is made up of eight current AIGA members—six members-at-large with previous board experience (not currently serving), the previous president's council chair, and the incoming president's council chair.

The selection committee conducts two rounds of application evaluation:

    • Round 1, May 5-May 15, 2017: The committee evaluates all AIGA Innovate applications and selects projects requesting less than $5,00 for funding. The committee also selects applications requesting more than $5,000 to advance to round 2.
    • Round 2, May 15-June 26, 2017: After applicants requesting more than $5,000 (and who have advanced to round 2) provide additional information about their proposed projects, the committee evaluates those applications and selects projects for funding.

After both rounds, the committee’s selections are reviewed and approved by the AIGA executive director. Funds are released directly to the AIGA chapters whose projects have been awarded.

Selection committee members cannot be a part of a team submitting a proposal to AIGA Innovate or have contributed in any way to a proposal submitted for funding.

Selection committee 2017


The following individuals will serve on the selection committee in 2017:


      • Prior year presidents council chair: Gwen O'Brien, AIGA West Michigan
      • Acting presidents council chair: Jenny Price, AIGA Minnesota
      • Returning member(s)-at-large: Anthony Lindemann, AIGA Pittsburgh; Elysia Syriac, AIGA Colorado 
      • New members-at-large: Doug Stucky, AIGA Wichita; Gage Mitchell, AIGA Seattle; Manuel Miranda, AIGA NY; and Michele Cooper, AIGA Philadelphia

The selection committee aims to show balance in terms of gender, racial/ethnic, and geographical diversity.

Thanks to Niki Blaker, AIGA Boston; Alice Bybee, AIGA San Francisco; Anne Maguire, AIGA Nebraska; Kelly O'Hara, AIGA West Michigan; James Archer, AIGA Arizona; and Richard Hollant, AIGA Connecticut who served on the 2016 AIGA Innovate selection committee!

Thank you to those who self-nominated or nominated their peers for the AIGA Innovate selection committee in 2017. We appreciate your commitment to design in your local communities as well as your enthusiasm regarding this exciting new AIGA initiative. For those who were not selected this time around, we hope you consider applying to serve on next year's AIGA Innovate selection committee.

Time commitment

We anticipate that each selection committee member will commit approximately 12–15 hours in February and March for round 1 orientation, training in the online judging platform, evaluation, and discussion, and 10–12 hours of evaluation, judging, and discussion in April and May for round 2. After the 2017 funding period has concluded in June 2017, selection committee members will spend approximately three hours providing feedback about their experience.

New committee members selected in 2017 will serve for two consecutive terms, through the 2018 AIGA Innovate funding period (ending June 2018). Please anticipate committing 25–30 hours hours of your time over this two-year period.


If you have questions about the nomination process or serving on the AIGA Innovate selection committee, email innovate [at]