AIGA Innovate: Past projects

These projects were chosen for funding in AIGA Innovate's funding period in 2015 and 2016. Stay tuned for regular updates on these projects as they come to life over the next year.


  • YouLaunchIt: Design Business Toolkit, AIGA Baltimore: is a business resource knowledge base with the creative entrepreneur in mind. Here you will find articles, tutorial videos, general resources, and other business content to help designers start their own business.
  • Policy Designed: Design Legislation Map, AIGA Baltimore:We believe that design has the power to shape communities. Whether you’re in a classroom, a courtroom, or a basement; design can have an impact on the accessibility, creativity, and effectiveness of the world around you.
  • PARALLEL: Empowering the Underserved DesignKit, AIGA Arizona:This will expose underserved high school students, starting with an initial target audience of Navajo and Hopi cultures in Arizona, to the field of design with an engaging multi-player game, called “Parallel—Game of Design.” 

    It will allow for the students to be introduced to concepts of design and design thinking through basic principles, encourage students to actively work in a group setting to solve design-related issues within their own communities, and provide access to design materials, where they are typically limited. 

    As an end result, the game, “Parallel—Game of Design,” can be exchanged between AIGA Chapters, or potentially sent out to all Chapters all at once.


  • AIGA Chapter Satellite Groups, AIGA Houston: AIGA Chapter Satellite Groups aims to serve design communities and AIGA members in rural communities outside major hub cities, where distance makes attending AIGA programs prohibitive. The satellite group would have some autonomy to collaborate under the AIGA name and create their own programming without becoming an official chapter.
  • Curated App, AIGA Colorado: The AIGA Curated App is a city guide for creative-minded travelers with local spots curated by AIGA members. Think of Curated as a tastemakers alternative to Yelp. It is operational in Denver and would be adapted for use by any chapter in their local community.
  • Design Training Program for High School Teachers, AIGA Minnesota: This project will create graphic design programming as a free resource to high school teachers, with the potential to increase and retain membership through exposure to AIGA at a younger age.
  • Greater Together, AIGA Wisconsin: Based on the Greater Together Challenge, a call for innovative ideas that create awareness and ideas to dismantle racism in Greater Milwaukee, this project aims to galvanize the creative and design communities to place Milwaukee’s racial issues into the center of public dialogue and to create a planning document for other chapters to follow.
  • Member Engagement Matrix, AIGA Raleigh: The Member Engagement Matrix is an interface that will first be used on the AIGA Raleigh website, with high potential of chapter adoption, as a way to further engage members in events occurring in their local community based on each member's interest, availability, and more.
  • Pop-up Innovate Mash-up, AIGA Minnesota: Pop-up Innovate Mash-up creates a decentralized 2-day mash-up, pairing a select group of four chapters with strategic design thinking companies who will facilitate a fully immersive collaborative experience, especially to solve chapters' membership growth and development challenges.
  • RISING: AIGA Chicago Emerging Designers, AIGA Chicago: RISING aims to be the first comprehensive, year-round initiative dedicated completely to the emerging designers group in AIGA. RISING uses a planned curriculum for monthly events based on information these members may not have learned in school, aiming to create a lasting sub-community of colleagues and collaborators.


Inspired by these exciting projects? It’s never too early to start brainstorming for your own proposal. Learn more about how to apply for AIGA Innovate funding.