AIGA’s Google Art Project, “African American Culture and History”

AIGA is proud to present this online exhibition as part of its national Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, which encourages diversity in education, discourse, and practice to strengthen and expand the relevance of design in all areas of society. Selected from AIGA’s prestigious Design Archives and Design Journeys series, this collection celebrates African American history and culture throughout the last century of communication design. It features African American designers as well as projects inspired by or relevant to African American history and communities.

Explore the diverse artifacts presented here chronologically—including logos, posters, books, magazines, videos, and more—by designers both historical and contemporary, celebrated and unsung.

The Google Cultural Institute Black History, Arts, and Culture collection provides unprecedented access to a vital part of history—with 50 partners contributing more than 4,000 archived items and 80 exhibits.

Selections and descriptions for AIGA’s Google Art Project collection are from our Design Archives as well as essays commissioned by AIGA for designers profiled in the Design Journeys series or awarded the AIGA Medal. This exhibition is curated by Aidan O’Connor and Heather Strelecki. All works are the copyright of their respective owners.