Achieving Work/Life Balance: 10 Things Not to Do

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This story was originally published by AIGA Colorado.

There’s work/life bal­ance, and then there’s design.

Most design­ers I know fit into one of two cat­e­gories: worka­holics and, well, actu­ally that may be the only kind I know. Our pro­fes­sion demands it. Working with clients, managing teams and deadlines, chas­ing down infor­ma­tion, and mak­ing each design thoughtful and unique. We top it off with the ever-important eye for detail. These things take time and brain­power; it’s hard to stay cre­ative every day and we risk seri­ous burnout.

The answer sounds sim­ple: Find work-life balance.

I found it ironic when one of our AIGA board mem­bers recently wanted to do a ses­sion on the topic, but every­one she reached out to said no. They were all so over­worked that she couldn’t find any­one who actu­ally had achieved that myth­i­cal state of nir­vana that most of us can only dream about. Thankfully, she even­tu­ally found a great speaker for the event. I was too busy to go.

I con­sider myself some­thing of an expert on the topic, mainly because I’ve done it wrong for most of my 25 years work­ing as a designer. But I can tell you, based on what I’ve done, what not to do. So here are my tips. Do the opposite.

  1. Start each day early (like bleary-eyed dark time-frame) with a strong cup of cof­fee and your email inbox. This will ensure that you’ll need read­ers by the time you hit your 40’s.

  2. Put “Go to the gym” as an auto repeat in your cal­en­dar, then never go. You’ll have good inten­tions, but by the time your eyes are in focus your clients will be send­ing emails ask­ing “how’s that lay­out com­ing along?”, which is code for “I really think I need this in an hour.”

    Pour second cup of coffee.

  3. Say yes. To everything.

  4. When con­sid­er­ing adding to your cal­en­dar, don’t worry about how many days you fill up. If there’s an empty slot, it’s fair game. Definitely don’t allow extra travel time or the lee­way to fit in errands while you’re out.

  5. Remember that you are the only per­son who can pos­si­bly do the job right. Don’t enlist help or spread the work around.

  6. If you don’t know how to do it, fake it and say yes any­way. Figure it out tonight when things are quiet. That’s what after-dinner hours are for... along with the char­ity project you took on pro bono (my cur­rent one is for an art center).

  7. This one is impor­tant: take every­thing seri­ously. Like your life depends on it.

  8. Do not learn how to man­age up, always let stuff roll down­hill and wait at the bot­tom with a catcher’s mitt.

  9. Answer the phone.

  10. Eat at your desk and work weekends.

Fffffffffffffffff Sorry. I dozed off a minute because I’m writ­ing this at bed­time when I should actu­ally be asleep.

If you fol­low these ten tips, you’ll enjoy reward­ing rela­tion­ships, stay fit, and be happy in life while you advance your career. Ok, no seriously, (LOL) I hope you do a bet­ter job of this than I have. Those 25 years went by like THAT. One day you might wake up and real­ize things you missed. Forgive me, but I won’t be in the stu­dio this week­end. I just decided to go skiing.

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