The Uptown Exchange

The Uptown Exchange was a finalist for the 2013 Design Ignites Change | AIGA Professional Fellowship

About the project
The Uptown Exchange is a Chicago-based project, partnered by Cannon Design, GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc, Virginia Tech and the University of Utah, that is dedicated to the creation of a center for innovative waste processing that will be built in Chicago’s uptown neighborhood. The partnership is working with the local community, local politicians, the City of Chicago and numerous practitioners to redefine what has come to be seen as waste and help the City become more deeply connected to natural cycles. The project will build a facility with a biodigestor to process and package the by-products of organic waste, located next to a major public transportation hub.

This effort recognizes new relationships between a neighborhood and its infrastructure to support local composting and energy production. The goal is that this pilot project can be exported to any neighborhood or city in the developed world as a symbol of progress, sustainable living and future forward visions.

Learn more about The Uptown Exchange and contact Andrew Balster, project representative, to lend your support!