MUSEY: Fuel for Art

MUSEY: Fuel for Art was a finalist for the 2013 Design Ignites Change | AIGA Professional Fellowship

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

About this project
MUSEY uses mobile and web technologies to increase awareness of and financial support to independent artists and arts organizations outside of traditional museums, concert halls and institutions. Many of these artists, organizations and festivals struggle with declining federal funding for the arts in the United States. MUSEY believes that app technology today can be used to create a new group of “spontaneous micro patrons of the arts” that fund and support the art they encounter outside of museum walls. MUSEY is a collaborative effort led by a team of designers, thinkers, technologists, artists and community arts organizers.

Next steps
MUSEY is interested in solutions to these questions: How can we harness technology today to support and sustain art that is free and open to the public? How can independent artists find new ways to fund their projects in the public domain? How can we connect with and support our local community of artists and performers?

Learn more about MUSEY and contact Judy Fulton, project representative, to lend your support!