• Webinar: Writing Tips for Visual Thinkers

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    Andrea Marks

    Writing Tips for Visual Thinkers: Exploring the Intersection of Words and Pictures

    Date: June 2, 2011
    Time: 1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET

    Presenter: Andrea Marks, author of Writing for Visual Thinkers (New Riders), will discuss various ways that writing can be utilized within the creative process, from initial brainstorming exercises to exploring the dynamic nature of how we write today

    You may have been drawn to your career choice because of a passion for the visual, but if an idea can’t be articulated (both verbally and written), then its effectiveness is lost. With words you can clarify your thoughts in an outline, share your experiences on a blog, and get funding with a proposal. Writing is a critical component of your work, both as a business tool and as a way to nourish your creative life. Embrace it and practice it.


    In this Design Cast you’ll learn:

    • Why writing is an important component to your design work
    • How to use writing as an idea-generation tool
    • What types of writing designers use most frequently
    • How 21st-century literacy is changing the way we think of words and pictures

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    About Andrea Marks

    Andrea Marks is an associate professor and coordinator of the graphic design program at Oregon State University. She is also producer and co-director of the film Freedom on the Fence, a documentary about the history of Polish posters. Her interests in design curriculum extend to exploring ways in which technology can enhance learning. Her recent book/eBook Writing For Visual Thinkers explores various ideas about writing in the 21st century.

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