Videos from the 2014 “Gain” Conference

In October 2014, at “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference,” hundreds of forward-thinking designers and business leaders gathered in New York to explore the theme of “Redesigning Commerce: Changing the face, place and character of business.”

Watch videos from the event to learn how designers are playing a pivotal role in evolving business models.

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  • Video: Christian Bason

    Video: Christian Bason

    CEO of the Danish Design Centre, Christian Bason, asks: what shape will the next model of government organization take?

  • Video: Michael Bierut and Roger Martin

    Video: Michael Bierut and Roger Martin

    Michael Bierut and Roger Martin sit down to discuss the flaws of the stock market and how the system might be redesigned. 

  • Video: Jordan Breslow and Susan Mac Cormac

    Video: Jordan Breslow and Susan Mac Cormac

    Susan Mac Cormac and Jordan Breslow review some of the differences among new corporate forms and how companies are describing those differences to their shareholders and the public.

  • Video: Tiffany Dufu

    Video: Tiffany Dufu

    Women hold only 18 percent of top leadership positions, despite making up over half of the American workforce. How can we possibly explain—and close—this gap?

  • Video: Jake Dunagan

    Video: Jake Dunagan

    Jake Dunagan asks: how do we organize ourselves to ensure individual liberty, social benefit, environmental stewardship for future generations?

  • Video: Bob Dunham

    Video: Bob Dunham

    Bob Dunham explains how communication and leadership can transform design into successful value creation and innovation.

  • Video: Robin Ely

    Video: Robin Ely

    For AIGA Members only: Harvard Business School professor Robin Ely examines current systems supporting women’s leadership development and organizational change.

  • Video: John Fullerton

    Video: John Fullerton

    In this presentation, John Fullerton explores the principles of a regenerative economy and share solutions that are currently being applied.

  • Video: Douglas Gayeton

    Video: Douglas Gayeton

    Douglas Gayeton asks: can the development of a food-focused lexicon help consumers, producers, educators and policy makers fix our food system?

  • Video: Phil Gilbert

    Video: Phil Gilbert

    Phil Gilbert shares how IBM is using great design to create enterprise-class products that people love to use to get their work done.

  • Video: Kaaren Hanson

    Video: Kaaren Hanson

    In this conversation, Kaaren Hanson sits down with moderator Nathan Shedroff to discuss strategies for closing the gap and how to design a job you'll love.

  • Video: Christopher Ireland

    Video: Christopher Ireland

    What does leadership look like in 2035? In this video, Christopher Ireland shares what she believes will be the key traits for success in the future.

  • Video: Brian David Johnson

    Video: Brian David Johnson

    We incessantly tune our machines for success, profit and greed. In this session, world-renowned futurist Brian David Johnson asks what comes after greed?

  • Video: Sanford Levinson

    Video: Sanford Levinson

    Sanford Levinson asks: what’s the sell-by date for a constitution?

  • Video: Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff

    Video: Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff

    Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff kick off the 2014 “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference.”

  • Video: Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff

    Video: Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff

    On the second day of the conference, Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff discuss the highlights from previous presentations. 

  • Video: Hunter Lovins

    Video: Hunter Lovins

    Hunter Lovins explains why the edge economy is the place begin to build a world that works for 100 percent of humanity.

  • Video: Debbie Madden

    Video: Debbie Madden

    Debbie Madden explores the common threads to success in creating intrapreneurial environments, how to navigate bumps along the way and why fostering work-life balance is integral to creating impactful and lasting change.

  • Video: Jerry Michalski

    Video: Jerry Michalski

    Jerry Michalski explores whether as designers, we encourage or discourage trust in our work.

  • Video: Marty Neumeier

    Video: Marty Neumeier

    In the next few decades we’ll see the acceleration of man/machine collaboration, with computers becoming more human and humans becoming more creative. Marty Neumeier shares the five metaskills needed to navigate this changing landscape.

  • Video: Zach Overton

    Video: Zach Overton

    Zach Overton, COO of (RED), in conversation with Nathan Shedroff.

  • Video: Douglas Rushkoff

    Video: Douglas Rushkoff

    In this conversation, Douglas Rushkoff lays the groundwork for how we can reboot the economy for a digital environment.

  • Video: Reshma Saujani

    Video: Reshma Saujani

    Reshma Saujani explains why she believes that a lack of women in technology and engineering is the most important domestic issue of our time.

  • Video: Lisa Kay Solomon

    Video: Lisa Kay Solomon

    The mantra among big companies these days seems to be: "Innovate or die." In this video, Lisa Kay Solomon argues that innovation begins with the right conversations.

  • Video: Josh Tyrangiel

    Video: Josh Tyrangiel

    Tyrangiel sits down with Nathan Shedroff to examine some of the biggest challenges we face around the world.

  • Video: Adam Werbach

    Video: Adam Werbach

    In this video, Adam Werbach explores what impact collaborative consumption has on legacy approaches from the disposable economy.