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    Videos from the 2014 “Gain” Conference

    2014 Gain conference audience

    In October 2014, at “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference,” hundreds of forward-thinking designers and business leaders gathered in New York to explore the theme of “Redesigning Commerce: Changing the face, place and character of business.”

    Watch videos from the event to learn how designers are playing a pivotal role in evolving business models.

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    • Christian Bason sum

      Video: Christian Bason

      CEO of the Danish Design Centre, Christian Bason, asks: what shape will the next model of government...

    • Roger martin bierut

      Video: Michael Bierut and Roger Martin

      Michael Bierut and Roger Martin sit down to discuss the flaws of the stock market and how the syst...

    • Mac Cormac Breslow

      Video: Jordan Breslow and Susan Mac Cormac

      Susan Mac Cormac and Jordan Breslow review some of the differences among new corporate forms and h...

    • Tiffany Dufu sum

      Video: Tiffany Dufu

      Women hold only 18 percent of top leadership positions, despite making up over half of the American ...

    • Jake Dunagan portrait

      Video: Jake Dunagan

      Jake Dunagan asks: how do we organize ourselves to ensure individual liberty, social benefit, enviro...

    • dunham sum

      Video: Bob Dunham

      Bob Dunham explains how communication and leadership can transform design into successful value crea...

    • Robin Ely

      Video: Robin Ely

      For AIGA Members only: Harvard Business School professor Robin Ely examines current systems supporti...

    • John Fullerton sum

      Video: John Fullerton

      In this presentation, John Fullerton explores the principles of a regenerative economy and shar...

    • Gayeton portrait

      Video: Douglas Gayeton

      Douglas Gayeton asks: can the development of a food-focused lexicon help consumers, producers, educa...

    • Phil Gilbert

      Video: Phil Gilbert

      Phil Gilbert shares how IBM is using great design to create enterprise-class products that people ...

    • Kaaren Hanson 300px

      Video: Kaaren Hanson

      In this conversation, Kaaren Hanson sits down with moderator Nathan Shedroff to discuss strategies...

    • Christopher Ireland

      Video: Christopher Ireland

      What does leadership look like in 2035? In this video, Christopher Ireland shares what she believes ...

    • Brian David Johnson Sum

      Video: Brian David Johnson

      We incessantly tune our machines for success, profit and greed. In this session, world-renowned futu...

    • Sanford Levinson sum

      Video: Sanford Levinson

      Sanford Levinson asks: what’s the sell-by date for a constitution?

    • Jeanne Liedtka

      Video: Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff

      Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff kick off the 2014 “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference.”

    • Nathan Shedroff_introduction

      Video: Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff

      On the second day of the conference, Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff discuss the highlights from ...

    • Hunter Lovins

      Video: Hunter Lovins

      Hunter Lovins explains why the edge economy is the place begin to build a world that works for 100 p...

    • Debbie Madden

      Video: Debbie Madden

      Debbie Madden explores the common threads to success in creating intrapreneurial environments, how...

    • Michalski_sum

      Video: Jerry Michalski

      Jerry Michalski explores whether as designers, we encourage or discourage trust in our work.

    • Marty Neumeier

      Video: Marty Neumeier

      In the next few decades we’ll see the acceleration of man/machine collaboration, with computers be...

    • Overton_Z300

      Video: Zach Overton

      Zach Overton, COO of (RED), in conversation with Nathan Shedroff.

    • Rushkoff sum

      Video: Douglas Rushkoff

      In this conversation, Douglas Rushkoff lays the groundwork for how we can reboot the economy for a d...

    • Reshma Saujani

      Video: Reshma Saujani

      Reshma Saujani explains why she believes that a lack of women in technology and engineering is the...

    • Lisa Kay Solomon

      Video: Lisa Kay Solomon

      The mantra among big companies these days seems to be: "Innovate or die." In this video, Lisa Kay ...

    • Tyrangiel sum

      Video: Josh Tyrangiel

      Tyrangiel sits down with Nathan Shedroff to examine some of the biggest challenges we face around th...

    • Werbach_sum

      Video: Adam Werbach

      In this video, Adam Werbach explores what impact collaborative consumption has on legacy approaches ...

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