The Weekly Wraparound: February 3

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Editors’ note: “The Weekly Wraparound” is an editorial roundup of links to the week’s best design stories, posted every Friday by the editorial staff of For recommendations all week long, follow us on Twitter at @AIGAdesign. 


This week Joan Raspo, the director of on-air creative and branding at VH1/MTVN, curated Design Envy with her finger on the pulse of how mediums and talent overlap for stunning results. See all of her selections here, and don’t forget to cast your vote—the most popular designs will become part of a special collection in the AIGA Design Archives!


As predicted last week, Facebook announced its $5 billion public offering on Wednesday, which is expected to value the whole company at $75 billion to $100 billion. If you have trouble taking the long-term view, perhaps David Choe’s story will change your mind: As reported in the New York Times, Choe chose to be paid in Facebook stock over “thousands of dollars” in cash for a mural he did at the company’s first headquarters, back in 2005. His payout may be $200 million when Facebook goes public.


We were delighted to hear whom Pentagram named as its newest partner: Emily Oberman! You may know her best as a cofounder of Number 17 with Bonnie Siegler, and the work they’ve done for cultural icons like Saturday Night Live and This American Life. What stands out to us, though, is her and Bonnie’s amazing work as producers for Command X, AIGA’s design reality show. Read more about Emily’s career and what’s next on Co.Design


“Let’s be honest. Bloomberg Businessweek’s gotten surprisingly edgy lately. What’s up with that?” Creative director Richard Turley answers that question and more in an interview with the Atlantic.


User experience director Tito Bottitta confesses that when Upstatement began working on the new Boston Globe website, they had never designed a responsive site before. But they embraced the mind-set “learn as you go,” with impressive results, and now lucky for us they're sharing how they did it.


And OK Go is at it again, this time teaming up with Sesame Street to teach kids primary colors

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Compiled by Sue Apfelbaum and Rasika Welankiwar