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I've made fonts, a party card game (Assumptions), music, and a kid.

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AIGA Chapter New York, Upstate
Field Typography
Design/Graphic design

In 2005 I made my first post-collegiate creative dollars by designing a logo and website for a small business. I was hooked by the artistry and stuck around for the practical applications. Learning then, at the age of 23, that I could make a living through creative and meaningful projects proved there were needs that I was happy, and qualified, to fill. 12 years have passed since those early Flash and Dreamweaver days fueled by peanut butter, lousy beer, and late nights. Today those web projects have been replaced by creating fonts for the web, and long hours replaced by long runs. I’ve luckily been able to evolve as an artist and father along the way, adapting to changes in both technology and human behavior.

  • Tyler updated a project on Behance.
    Atiga - Sans Family League Mono - 5 Weights, Open Source, Monospace Typefa Assumptions - Party Card Game Katahdin Round - Free Font
  • Tyler updated a project on Behance.
    Lickety Split Typeface
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