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Jeremy D. Smith

About Me

insatiably curious: designer, human, machine, animal.

Member Since February 2011
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Jeremy is a designer in Burlington, VT. He enjoys many things including; sarcasm, book learning, old people, Italian motorcycles, other expensive items, lolcats, originality, depositing checks, moving once per year, old sports injuries, Apple Newton throwbacks, afternoon delight, Mr. Niceguy, older Japanese luxury sedans, true happiness, VHS collections, good friends, strong coffee, badly grammar, the Police (band), cheddar cheese, bitch–slapping Gingivitis, em—dashes, the possibility space, futurism, designing, my grad school chums, breakfast for dinner, classics, inner beauty, Jeopardy Alex, camera phone, tacos with family, technology, models, finessing printers, cleaning your mom’s pool, the smell of fresh baguettes, tree-house design studios, going home, licking envelopes filled with cash, when a plan comes together, interviews, giving bad drivers a thumbs down, Ray-Ban’s, custom furniture, my cats belly, and claws, dollar stores, fruit-on-the-bottom, gun stores, reading your evening plans on fb, acronyms, laundromat smell, antique phrases, the cat’s pajamas, refusing to grow up but acting more and more responsibly, semiotics, logography, skateboards to the shin, beards, sciencey thingies, Fast Co., Leonardo’s inventions, my own inventions, the Delphonics, listening to stories, Wes Anderson trailers, Jessica Walsh’s body (of work), cobra vs. mongoose, employment opportunities, Yosemite Sam mud flaps, old leather, detailed lists, Pandora radio, the internet in general, Forrest Gump quotes, science, and his mom.

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