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Michael A. Tribone


I’ve been working in new media for almost 15 years and work full-time as a multimedia specialist for Penn State. I design and build web sites and create illustrations and animations. I also shoot and edit video. As a multimedia specialist, I have to keep an awareness of several different technologies and creative methods and work with others as a consultant and facilitator. At Penn State I’m able to work on a variety of subjects in the development of educational materials and administrative processes. I absolutely love the variety. I’m always learning new things and am always learning to re-evaluate the things that I’ve done.

The path to becoming a multimedia specialist wasn’t exactly a straight line-it was shaped more like a pretzel. Growing up as a kid, I wanted to become one of two things when I got older. I wanted to be a ninja and/or an artist. I’m still working on both of these dreams. I used to re-draw samurai warriors from plates in books and practiced calligraphy. I took technical drawing and graphic design courses in high school. I was accepted as an undergraduate at Penn State and was going to start in Communications for video and television production and then decided to pursue film and graphic design. And then I discovered how expensive both of those majors were, because in those days we used film and things like paper, and looked at focusing on drawing. And then I discovered ceramics, where you get dirty and play with fire. So this means that I have a range of experiences that lend themselves greatly to being a multimedia specialist. I specialize in multiple things. Right?

In fact it was my range that landed me a job as an artist to work with computers and this new Internet thing. An educational technology unit was looking for artists to teach them technology, so that they could draw, illustrate, animate, and design online educational materials. They found it difficult to teach technical people art, so the logical thing

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