Mentoring guidebooks

KidsAIGA mentoring guides provide helpful resources for individuals and organizations interested in mentoring—and creating mentoring programs—with an emphasis on the visual arts. The guides, which have been designed to engage, excite and educate AIGA chapters, designers, students and teachers, contain success stories, case studies and valuable reference materials. AIGA is committed to helping local groups of designers and educators provide mentoring help to children and students who welcome the attention of creative professionals.

Helping Kids Create

With more than 25 years of combined experience in establishing and administering mentoring programs, Worldstudio and AIGA have pooled resources, as well as sought guidance from leading educational organizations, in order to bring you the tools and techniques for designing your own effective mentoring program, based on the recommendations of Worldstudio and the AIGA New York chapter.


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Project Osmosis

The Osmosis Education and Mentoring Initiative in Chicago is a not-for-profit organization to further “design education for under-served minority youth.” Osmosis, a strategic partner of AIGA, believes that dreams come true, self-expression matters and our communities will benefit from our youth’s creativity. This initiative includes graphic design, architecture, fashion, interior design and multimedia.