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    Group memberships make sense for design firms, regardless of the number of professionals you employ. Your organization gets a great rate, and your employees enjoy the same benefits as individual Sustaining members.

    The special group rate of $675 applies to the first group of three memberships from the same company; additional employees may be added at the special rate of $75 per member (all prices in U.S. dollars). There’s no reason not to include your entire design team at these rates!

    Your firm owns the memberships and can manage its investment. If a staff member leaves your employment, your designated group manager need only notify us of the replacement employee. The new employee will immediately begin receiving the benefits of membership.

    How to enroll

    If you want to initiate a group membership on behalf of your firm, contact AIGA with your company name and full address. A master record will be created for your company and we will designate you as the group manager. Instructions on how to proceed will be sent to you, including how to access to the “Roster Management” function.

    Roster management

    If you are the designated group manager for a firm, you can manage the group online. When you log in to My AIGA, a “Roster Management” link will appear in the navigation under My Account. Anyone linked to the firm, regardless of whether they are on the group membership will be listed (although *you* won’t be listed in this step, because it is your account). If you see FRND under the  Member Type column, the person is not a current member.

    Manage roster

    From the screen above, you can add or delete employees from the firm roster (this is not the same as the group membership; the group membership is a subset of the roster). If you add employees to the roster, they won't receive member benefits until you submit payment. If someone has left the firm, you should certainly delete them from your roster. Note, though, that if you delete someone from the roster, they are no longer considered an AIGA member and you will need to pay again to add them back to the group membership (group memberships are not designed to allow swapping names on the membership; the per person rate of $75 has been set to make it easy to extend memberships to everyone on your team). 

    To pay for new group members (or renew the group membership), click on the link at the top of the page (“pay for them”). Now you can choose who to include in the membership and whether to upgrade any of them to the Design Leader or Trustee category. 

    Manage group

    You may also contact AIGA’s membership director, George Fernandez, for assistance.  

    Become a Patron of AIGA

    Supporting AIGA demonstrates that you’re an industry leader, and that your company supports the design profession as a whole.

    Join as a Patron Group ($5,000 per year) and your company will be recognized on AIGA.org with a listing and link, and will also be recognized at the AIGA National Design Center. Up to two group principals will be invited to special VIP receptions at national events and conferences, and your group will be eligible for pre-registration to ensure your firm will be represented at selected events. Contact AIGA’s member engagement director, Lauren Shultz, to begin your enrollment.


    Q: Why do I have to designate a group manager?
    The person you designate to manage your group membership will be the contact person to receive dues invoices and will be in charge of communicating all changes to your AIGA group membership roster.

    Q: Where can I find more information about what our AIGA membership provides?
    Check out the benefits page, as well as the Events section to find events presented by the chapter nearest you.

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