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    Call to Action: End Gun Violence

    Add your voice to the “End Gun Violence” poster campaign

    The escalation of gun violence in our communities was evidenced most recently in the tragedy at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012. While such events receive intense media coverage in the immediate aftermath, this disturbing trend typically slips from the attention of both the public and policy makers—until another horrific event occurs.

    We are not powerless. If the full strength of our profession’s creativity can be harnessed to clarify and give form to this subject, we may be able to command the attention of the public and to help effect a solution. As a community of designers, through AIGA, we can amplify our voices. 

    AIGA encourages you to participate in a campaign for change by submitting a nonpartisan public-awareness poster to the “End Gun Violence” project.  

    The purpose here is to take action, rather than remain passive observers. We call upon our fellow members to participate in a nonpartisan effort focused on this critical social issue. As a profession, we have a responsibility to address the things that matter. We have the ability to do real and lasting good.

    Like the “Get Out the Vote” campaigns, the primary vehicle will be an open, online collection of members’ designs bearing the AIGA campaign identity, where visitors can download a PDF version to print and post, or an image to share on social media.

    There is no single message—the power of the “End Gun Violence” campaign will be in the collection of our voices. Visuals and text must be nonpartisan, supporting the simple premise that gun violence is detrimental to the life of our communities. Any AIGA member will be entitled to post designs in the gallery.

    AIGA encourages members to seize the initiative in activating our community on issues that matter in a constructive, nonpartisan and persuasive manner. These efforts reinforce the power of the design community and the relevance of their creative talents.

    To participate, download the design brief to create your poster and return here to submit your entry.


    Richard Grefé                        John Clark
    Executive director, AIGA       AIGA member, AIGA Los Angeles


    The eight most recent submissions are shown below—visit endgunviolence.aiga.org to see the full collection. 

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