• Videos from the 2010 “Gain” conference

    The 2010 “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference” featured creative and corporate innovators sharing how they use design to tackle business challenges. Watch select presentations here for inspiration and actionable insights to improve your practice!
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    • Gain_10_AL-Mutawa_300.jpg

      Video: Naif Al-Mutawa

      Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, creator of The 99, the first comic series based on Islamic culture and history,...

    • David Droga 300px

      Video: David Droga

      Driven for the last fifty years by the TV narrative, marketing is being transformed by the digital a...

    • Gain_10_Duntemann_Mullen_300.jpg

      Video: Matthew Duntemann and Anne Mullen

      From pitch to launch, what transpires between designer and client is often unseen and little-talked ...

    • Gain_10_Eden_300.jpg

      Video: Erica Eden

      Why is gender important? Smart Design’s Femme Den explores the gap between assumptions and realities...

    • Gain_10_Hammond_300.jpg

      Video: Robert Hammond

      Once a rusted, dilapidated eyesore, now one of the most highly praised green spaces in the world, th...

    • Gain_10_Harris_300.jpg

      Video: Jonathan Harris

      Combining elements of computer science, architecture, statistics, storytelling and design, Jonathan ...

    • Gain_10_Hodges_Seller_300.jpg

      Video: Drew Hodges and Jeffery Seller

      Designer Drew Hodges and client Jeffrey Seller recreate the design process from pitch to delivery ...

    • Gain_10_Keeley_300.jpg

      Video: Larry Keeley

      Larry Keeley is a strategist who has worked for thirty years to develop more effective innovation me...

    • Gain_10_Maeda_300.jpg

      Video: John Maeda

      In the current moment of economic uncertainty, we are all taking stock and once again turning to inn...

    • Su Mathews and Clint McClain

      Video: Su Mathews and Clint McClain

      Delivering everyday low prices made Walmart the most successful retailer in the world, but it took a...

    • Gain_10_Vogelzang_300.jpg

      Video: Marije Vogelzang

      Designers who work with the subject food are often called “food designers.” According to Marije Voge...

    • Gain_10_Wong_Barton_300.jpg

      Video: Willy Wong and Jake Barton

      From pitch to launch, what transpires between designer and client is often unseen and little-talked ...

    • Gain_10_MOD_300.jpg

      Video: Masters of Design Panel

      The “Masters of Design”-Gadi Amit, CEO of the industrial design firm NewDealDesign; Bjarke Ingels, ...

    • Gain_10_reinvention_ten_300.jpg

      Video: (Re)Invention Ten

      What’s stopping you from doing what you really want to do, especially in a challenging economy? ...

    • Gain_10_Welcome_to_Gain_300.jpg

      Video: Welcome to “Gain”

      Debbie Millman, Kenna Kay, Stanley Hainsworth and Paola Antonelli introduce the “Gain: AIGA Design...

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