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  • Order out of Chaos: Performing Arts Event Program

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    Performing arts event programs often become a cacophonous environment for a vast amount of information, obscured by different style images that clash against textured backgrounds and by content that doesn’t seem to have a logical flow.

    When well-executed, they offer an enticing opportunity to create order out of chaos. Regardless of the format that you’re going to choose—poster or magazine size—it is critical to simplify the layout. That generally means solid colors instead of textured backgrounds to enhance readability, either photograph or illustration to create harmony, and last, but not the least important, the principles of design to create a hierarchy of information.

    It is easy to get caught in the latest trend and lose the reason you started this project in the first place. You’re here to make this amount of information accessible to your target audience and “to shape the way [your audience] receive and process the information.” It might be just a pet peeve, but there is a growing aggravation with this kind of publication that makes it impossible for readers to determine what type of events take place and when, for example.

    In event programs, the hierarchy of information is their main asset: being able to skim through events is essential to readers. Applying restraints to decoration helps deliver information. Content is not masked by excessive visual activities.

    It may be true that designers are inclined to use all their assets—illustration, photographs, typography, and color, for example— to create a new reading experience but hopefully this will be a short lived trend. I would hope the direction of publication design would move in the opposite direction, with a minimalist approach; that the elements of design would be applied in a way that would enhance readers’ awareness of content rather than distract them from it.



    About the Author: 

    I am a Graphic Designer with a passion for creating engaging content and bringing a lot of inspiration and experience from the editorial field into graphic design. In a very rewarding career through editorial design roles in diverse industries, I have had a measurable impact on revenue, market penetration, and product innovation.

    Primarily focused on completely new ways of doing editorials, I excel at creating designs that generate interest while capturing the heart of the storyline. Specifically my expertise includes conceptualizing and integrating design solutions across digital, direct and print from creative brief to final delivery.

    I am highly experienced in creating and managing style sheets and master pages; and crafting responsive, immersive stories and templates that have been recognized as important tools in advancing my client’s agenda.

    I thrive on challenge and challenging people; I have an upbeat and collaborative attitude. My expertise helps companies deliver on their promise to make the world a better place, whether it is a product or a service.

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