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    Designer's Culture Guide was a finalist for the 2013 Design Ignites Change | AIGA Professional Fellowship

    Location: Rochester, New York

    About the project
    As visual advocates for society, designers should use their knowledge, experience and influence to produce credible and responsible forms of communication. Sarah Flaherty created an online guide to educate students and professionals how they can create culturally responsible graphic design. Flaherty believes that designs should not perpetuate the historical inaccuracies of different cultures but instead carry their own meaning without the negativities of harmful stereotypes or the misappropriation of a culture for profit.

    The Designer’s Culture Guide offers accurate information about how symbols, typefaces and colors relate to different cultures. The website attempts to teach designers the importance of research and analysis when selecting design elements.

    Next steps
    The website was launched in late May 2013. Flaherty hopes to create additional tools such as printed materials, a mobile version of the website and a mobile app that will further promote the project to designers and educators.

    Learn more about the Designer’s Culture Guide and contact Sarah Flaherty to lend your support!

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