• (Form + Content + Context) / Time = Experience Design

    A new discipline of design is emerging from the needs and forms of communication in the network economy. Experience design“ is a discipline created by the reality of communication today, when no point of contact has a simple beginning and end and all points of contact must have meaning embedded in them.

    Once graphic design dealt with the form of communication; communication design became the discipline covering form and content. Now, experience design considers the form, content and context of communication occurring over time. It recognizes the imperatives of brand experience and the characteristics of the user's experience. When communication leaps across media at the speed of electrons, meaning is the only true currency.

    Design does not add value in this economy—design creates value. Experience design is the purposeful creation of value in the network economy, often through creating the relationships within the e-commerce world.

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    First published in Gain 1.0: AIGA Journal of Design for the Network Economy.

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