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  • FAQs: About aiga.org

    The AIGA website has taken many forms since its first iteration in 1995. At every step along the way, AIGA has worked with design firms to ensure that members-and all those interested in design-have a place to turn for information, resources and inspiration.

    Site design timeline

    • May 2011: Redesign of aiga.org
      Design: Method; technology partner: NimbleUser and Thirdwave
      More visually dynamic, offering storytelling experiences both long and short, and numerous opportunities for participation.
    • May 2009: Launch of my.aiga.org
      Design: C&G Partners; technology partner: NimbleUser
      Centralized AIGA transactions, including account management, membership initiation and renewal and event registration.
    • 2007: Redesign of www.aiga.org
      Design: Happy Cog; technology partner: Thirdwave
      The redesign, visualized by interactive design studio Happy Cog and made functional by AIGA's longstanding technology partner Thirdwave, improved the site's usability and search ratings. The site degrades gracefully onto varied media platforms, such as handheld devices and has been flexible enough to permit significant ongoing functionality expansion.
    • 2004: Redesign
      Design: Flat; technology partner: Thirdwave
      A warm color palette enticed visitors to explore the many aspects of the site.
    • 2003: Redesign
      Design:Tanagram; technology partner: Thirdwave
      This redesign was intended to begin to make the extensive content on the site more accessible to visitors. Various constituencies could easily navigate to content targeted especially to their interests.
    • 2000: Redesign
      Design: Tanagram; technology partner: Thirdwave
      The objective of this site redesign was to engage the visitor from the start. A somewhat neutral home page changed to reveal four current content areas as the visitor clicked on the page. The site also integrated for the first time with AIGA's back-end membership system.
    • 1995: Launch
      After providing an initial design to give AIGA an online presence, Graffito/Active8 designed an ambitious site that allowed for the same content to be viewed through three different skins.
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