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  • Facilitation: by Design Testimonials

    The inaugural “Facilitation: by Design” workshop, held in Minnesota in 2013, received outstanding reviews from attendees. Hear what some of the participants had to say about the two-day workshop.

    “Facilitation: by Design changed the way I view myself as a designer. The jam-packed two days instilled confidence in my ability to facilitate a workshop and even gave me a binder of tools to use when things veer off the path. Renna was a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge in the field. Getting to know other designers and share your experiences is something that you do not get everyday; I look forward to working alongside everyone I met someday.” —Nick Machinski

    “The Facilitation: by Design workshop gave me a whole new toolbox for facilitating small meetings that in the past have been unfocused, unorganized and ineffective. Now I feel that I can handle most situations I encounter. It’s been very empowering as a solopreneur. Clients are noticing and the added value I bring to the table has helped me feel like more than a pixel-pusher.” —Darren Moore

    “Facilitation: by Design was a great experience—it challenges you to use your creativity differently. Whether you’re a designer or not, the tools and techniques will help you work smarter and yield better results by learning how to plan for and create the most successful collaborations. I gained a greater confidence in my ability to engage others and new ideas for demonstrating the value of design thinking. Beyond a workshop setting, I learned new frameworks, insights and strategies that can be applied to many different settings and interactions in order to foster more meaningful experiences and effective results. I came away with so much more than I anticipated!” —Joan E. Barlow

    “Facilitation: by Design should be required learning for designers from all disciplines. Making the space to create great work is critical to success and this course provides an invaluable approach for defining deliverables, building consensus, and generating ideas. Whether you're a pro or a newbie, you’ll gain something new for your bag of tricks.” —Jill Nussbaum

    “The Facilitation: by Design workshop was a great opportunity for me to learn the tools and skills I would need to lead a group through the design thinking process—or any type of group involvement, for that matter. Renna was great at answering the many questions and giving us the insight of their expertise. The exercises were focused and working in a group atmosphere really allowed me to think in a different way. I highly recommend designers participate in this workshop, not only to enhance their skills but to learn the methods that are very helpful when a group resolution is not easily met.” —Jillfrances Gray

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